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About Darby

Darby Lee Burns

Libertarian Party Candidate,
Nevada State Assembly, District 4

I, Darby Lee Burns, am a passionate and principled libertarian, running to reduce government interference in the lives of Nevadans.


As a representative of Nevada's 4th Assembly District, I intend to fight for decentralization and socioeconomic mobility.


To as great an extent as possible, we need to keep the federal government out of our state, the state out of our counties, and the county out of our cities and towns. 

Our political system is rotten with divisive malignancy. It can not be allowed to continue leveraging democratic power into authoritarian rule over the minority class.


The path we're currently on is one of creeping despotism. If not averted, it will lead to horrific violence. 


The only chance we have is to reorient our political system towards the decentralization of political power. 

We need to shrink the sphere of the political (coercive) and increase the sphere of the voluntary (cooperative). 


We need to stop using the power of government to force our preferences on our neighbors. 


We need to stop indulging the lazy, reflexive, and abusive willingness to see our opinions enshrined in law to rule over those who simply disagree with us.


That way ensures conflict and violence and furthers the erosion of our society. 


There is a better way. 

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, and went through all of my formal education right here in Clark County.

I would be honored to have your support in working to ensure that Nevada becomes the best place in the United States to live, work, build a business, raise a family, seek education, bank, invest, vacation, and retire. Our quest for political decentralization will bring us the greatest potential of achieving every quantitatively measurable constituent of these aspirations.

Together, through voluntary cooperation, we will radically improve this great and beautiful land in which we live.

I sincerely thank every person who read this, as well as, and especially, those who volunteered their time or money to aid in my campaign.

Thank you all.

- Darby

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