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Key Issues

Below are a few, but not all, especially note-worthy points of focus that are relevant to most Nevadans. 


I intend to forge issue-based coalitions within Nevada's State Legislature. Which issues on this list actually achieve resolution is dependent upon the will of the legislative body as a whole. 


A Democrat House majority would coalesce around different libertarian issues as compared to a Republican House majority. 


Achieving meaningful progress on any of these issues would reduce state-sanctioned violence and improve the lives of Nevadans, making them more peaceful, more prosperous, and more free.

Civil asset forfeiture

"Civil Asset Forfeiture" is an antiquated piece of legislature which allows for literal and legal highway-robbery acted out by police officers in which property is stolen from people within the state of Nevada for the suspected involvement or origin of this property within the illegal drug trade - all without the conviction of any criminal offense (hence, the name, "civil" asset forfeiture).

This relic of the "war on drugs" era caught the attention of Americans when a viral video from Nevada surfaced showing the life savings of a U.S. veteran (~$90,000 cash) being stolen from him by a Nevada police officer during a traffic stop.

In this twisted perversion of justice within our legal system, the victim must hire a lawyer and go to court to prove a negative - that the money was NOT involved in some way with some drug crime. Police departments across the country now routinely use this law to seize money that (after kicking some of it to the DEA) they can use to pad their own budgets. Some states have woken up and passed legislation making civil asset forfeiture illegal in their states. Nevada needs to do the same.

Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 9.23.52 PM.png

[1] “McArthur opposes legalizing recreational marijuana..” - Las Vegas Review Journal, May 27, 2016


  • McArthur’s vocal opposition to recreational cannabis legalization is not only a blatant endorsement of state overreach into our counties, but a tacit support of state-sanctioned violence against nonviolent Nevadans.



  • Having served 25 years in the FBI, McArthur chose to spend his life aligning himself with the enforcers of violent federal overreach that spits in the face of the sovereignty of our states: The butchers of Waco (FBI, ATF), murderers of 76 Americans including 25 children and two pregnant women in a 51 day siege which implemented psychological torture and the deployment of tanks as a means of enforcing gun control legislation. McArthur views himself as “pro 2A,” but what does this really mean?


[3]   “McArthur… has backed legislation to make English the official language of state business…” - The Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 8, 2008


  • The state should have no say in what languages are spoken within private establishments. Any opinion to the contrary directly undermines the property rights and socioeconomic mobility of the business owner. Furthermore, Carson city overlords should mind their own business about what language(s) counties and towns decide to use. Nevadans have had enough with micro-managing busybodies. 


[4]   “McArthur pointed out that the American Conservative Union… ranked him the Assembly’s most conservative voter in 2011.” - The Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 27, 2016


  • In the year 2022, it seems evident that AD4 will not find adequate representation from an 80 year old retired FBI agent whose policy positions haven’t changed since he stepped into office in 2008. McArthur, coming into the late years of his life, is incapable of adapting to the times — and as such, he is incapable of representing the opinions held by any meaningful portion of Republicans today, let alone our community as a whole.

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